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Instant Slapping (2011)

2011 / HD Video / 14 min / Short Narrative

[Above is a link to 3 min excerpt version]

This film makes a world premiere at the 9th Annual Asiana International Short Film Festival 2011 in Seoul Korea from Nov 2-7, 2011.

A brother and a sister who have never seen each other in 2 years instant message between Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Revealed entirely through their IMs, serious dysfunctions, sexual tension, and unresolved family issues become reignited. Both siblings embark on a massive exchange of physical violence through the fourth dimension. The film attempts to juxtapose the insularity of internet communication with the rawness of human emotions. It sheds light on an inescapable irony: Human misery always defeats technological advancements.

14 min, HD Video
Director /Cinematographer/Writer/Editor/Animator: Masahiro Sugano
Music by Laurent Ziliani and Thomas Parisch
Cast: Mia Park and Elliot TaeSoon Kahng


Director’s Statement:
Instant Slapping was an attempt to tell maximum with minimum. I wanted to do an entire film with two camera angles and no spoken dialogue. At the same time, I was also fascinated with layered aspects of the internet-based text communication where a weeping person could simply type “LOL” and that meant “Laughing Out Loud.” Instant messaging looked like a good place to nurture dysfunctional communication. That’s when I knew I had to do a family drama. I hope I delivered a story of lies, pain and resolution in 14 minutes.