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Buddhist Bug Project – Chicago

Performance Installation / Durational / 2010

Conceived and Performed by Anida Yoeu Ali
On site assistance by Melissa Woo and Rominna Villaseñor
Garment fabrication by Mac Horn
Documentation by Masahiro Sugano

The video documentation here is a 3 minute excerpt of a site-specific performance/installation in the12-acres adjacent to North Park Nature Center (Chicago) Aug 13, 2009, Phase 1 of the element Wood includes 3 site-specific installations within the North Park Nature Center complex.

Created from a sense of play, The Buddhist Bug Project is a displaced creature destined to travel and wander amid the spaces in-between. The “Bug” simultaneously exists as a bridge, tunnel, and spiritual being. S/he is a hybrid result of reincarnation and transmigration. The project seeks to map a new spiritual and political landscape through habitation and cohabitation. This project will never be completed in one location, one language or by one body

The Buddhist Bug Project will make an appearance in Cambodia. My vision for this project is to feature the work beyond Chicago and beyond American borders. . I will always work with a local volunteer to inhabit the “Bug.” When the Bug arrives at each destination, the Bug transforms into an altar for audience members to offer prayers, greetings, and any other live interaction. It is a project that embraces the notion of the “in-between” as a powerful space for encounter, habitation and reinvention. For me, the “Bug” is created as an assertion of paradoxes, a result of a hybrid refugee experience. The Bug embodies the loss and gain of complex transnational identities. The Bug longs for stillness while on a constant journey, s/he is a source for refuge while simultaneously always seeking home, s/he is both a bridge and an obstacle, and a creature who belongs in this world and out of this world. S/he is meant to traverse worlds, encounter complexities, and transcend meta-narratives. This is the performed sacredness possible in each one of us.

The video documentation here is a 2 minute excerpt of a site-specific performance/installation in the Sullivan Gallery space (Chicago) August 2010.