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Gallery Psar Kandal at Our City Festival 2011 (Phnom Penh)

September 10 – October 2, 2011

Sept 10-12, 2011: Gallery Psar Kandal

Sept 10-12, 2011: Gallery Psar Kandal

Studio Revolt presents  Gallery Psar Kandal
Located at Psar Kandal (Kandal market)
St 5, between St 154 and St 148

A project sponsored by the American Embassy

Part 1: Public Performance at Psar Kandal 
10am-1pm Saturday, Sept 10
Studio Revolt transforms the market of Psar Kandal into both a gallery and open studio space. They invite guests from the art world and onlookers to come experience art in the middle of a vibrant everyday market, simultaneously reconsidering what is on exhibit and the exhibition space itself. Additionally, they encourage the public to participate in “jump shots.”  These are portraits of people in mid-air, caught in an exhilarating moment between earth and sky.

Part 2: Installation, 24 Hour Exhibition I at Psar Kandal
6am Sunday Sept 11 – 6am Monday Sept 12
All portraits photographed the day before are displayed the next day at Psar Kandal. The portraits are displayed inside two tall white pillars, housing digital monitors, exhibited at Psar Kandal. The portraits serve as evidence of a public art participation that includes a broader community of people including artists, onlookers, market shoppers, vendors, and other urban denizens of Phnom Penh.

public viewing of installation

Part 3: Exhibition II at Meta House
September 30 – October 2, 2011
The results of Gallery Psar Kandal parts 1 & 2 are exhibited at Meta House. The same pillars exhibited outdoors at Psar Kandal during the Our City Festival 2011 return to a conventional white gallery space. The pillars are exhibited “as is” incorporating the effects of time, weather, and human contact as part of the art. Participants from the actual Psar Kandal performance on September 10, 2011 are invited to come view their portraits in this gallery setting.  This final phase of the work completes Studio Revolts interest in widening the audience for contemporary artmaking and artviewing. This work continues our efforts to bridge the gap between art, audience, and access.

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Our City Festival is a platform for dynamic art and architecture events, that explore urbanism in Phnom Penh and fosters opportunities for dialogue and public engagement.