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Gallery X Psar Kandal (Phnom Penh)

Public Performance/Installation/Exhibition 

Gallery Psar Kandal at Night

24-hour public exhibition at Psar Kandal Market

 About Gallery Psar Kandal:
The following installation was exhibited for a 24-hour period at Psar Kandal market from 6am Sept 11, 2011 until 6am Sept 12, 2011. The images shown in the video were a result of “jumpshot” portraits taken at Psar Kandal on September 10, 2011 from 10am-1pm. Portrait participants included artists, onlookers, market shoppers, vendors, children, and other urban denizens of Phnom Penh. The “jumpshot” portraits show people in mid-air, caught in an exhilarating moment between earth and sky. The jump itself brought smiles to participants, vendors, shoppers, police officers, the photo crew, and random strangers.

The two white pillars are exhibited “as is” incorporating the effects of time, weather, and human contact as part of the art. Fingerprints, dirt, stains and wood nicks become evidence of the public’s interactivity ultimately shifting the work from art objects into artifacts.

More on the idea:
As part of the Our City Festival 2011 series of events, Studio Revolt conceived a project based on our interest to broaden public participation in artmaking and artviewing. With the festival theme of “In Between Places”, Studio Revolt wanted to explore a sense of joy and play in “making” this particular piece. We thought the “jumpshot” would be a perfect way to spread joy and expand art into the public sphere.

Psar Kandal was selected as a site because it is inescapably Cambodian, a place in which all who enter can feel, taste, smell, see, and hear Khmer culture. The bustling vibrant open-air market of Psar Kandal serve as a perfect intersection for encounters between people of the “art world” and those existing in “everyday” culture.

Gallery Psar Kandal Exhibition II
at Meta House  

Sept 30 – October 2, 2011

The same pillars exhibited outdoors at Psar Kandal during the Our City Festival 2011 are also exhibited inside a conventional white gallery space. The pillars are exhibited “as is” incorporating the effects of time, weather, and human contact as part of the art. Participants from the actual Psar Kandal performance on September 10, 2011 are invited to come view their portraits in this gallery setting.  Also exhibited are prints and documentation from the public performance and 24 hour installation.