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Another Day / Ep#3: Bopha’s Body (2011)

2011 / HD Video / 10 min / Short Narrative

I would love to see more independent Cambodian Neo-Realist films, short or long. I would love to see young Khmer filmmakers tell their real feelings and portray real landscapes of their own lives. I think their true emotions will be beautiful and universal. So if you make one, share it with us. This is a love letter to young Khmer filmmakers. — Masahiro Sugano, filmmaker

Episode 3: Bopha’s Body
This is the third installment of Cambodian Neo-Realism experiment series called “Another Day.” Bopha, a young dancer is pregnant with her boyfriend’s child. He has a gambling addiction and owes money to a loan shark. Bopha’s brother offers to help the happy couple out. Their refusal to accept his help leads to a violent situation.

Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Masahiro Sugano
Producer: Anida Yoeu Ali

Brother: PHICHITH Rithea
Bopha: KONG Chendamony
Boyfriend: MENG Sophearoth

Production Coordinator: CHENG Samath
Sound: THOEUN Veasna
Second Camera: CHEAN Long
Production Assistant: SOM Thea

Special Thanks to Cambodian Living Arts, CLA Studio, Sovanna Phum Arts Association MANN Kosal, and CHAN Muyhong