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Gallery X Mosque Dhiya Uddin (Battambang)

Dec 23 – Jan 30, 2012

After touring 3 different mosques and meeting with leaders in the Khmer Islam community, on December 23, 2011 Studio Revolt selected Masjid Dhiya Uddin mosque in the Dum Spey community (Battambang) as its next site for the Gallery X participatory project. After the Islamic Juma’a prayers on Friday, we invited people from the community to take a moment out to jump for the camera. The “jumpshot” portraits capture people in mid-air, caught in an exhilarating moment between earth and sky. The jump itself brought smiles to children, worshippers, muslim leaders, the photo crew, and random participants. After portraits were taken we returned to the exact location to install a gallery space infront of the mosque. The two white pillars were installed with digital monitors displaying the photos of jump participants. The installation was set up from Asr prayer until after Isha prayer, when the mosque would be closed. The installation then moved to local gallery spaces in central Battambang (Make Maek & Sammaki Gallery) where they are currently on view.